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I officially have a date for Basic Training!

I went to my DEP Commander's Call on Wednesday as usual.  Before everyone left, my recruiter had people who had gotten a job with this last job drop sign their contracts.  One guy declined his slot because it was leaving before he graduated college (Oct 30).  I asked my recruiter what the job was after the guy left, and it was one of the intelligence jobs that I had put down on my list when I went to MEPS.  I've been holding out for the last few months for a linguist slot, but don't have that long to wait because I am at the upper end of the enlistment eligibility (Have to be in BMT before my 28th birthday, I am 27 right now).  I don't want it to get to November (when slots for March will probably be out) and have to take whatever is available because I need to get into BMT.  

I am so excited!  That means that I will only have to wait four more months to go to BMT.   And I can still cross-train into linguist later if I still want to do that. 
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Re: I officially have a date for Basic Training!

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