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Hello from Washington! How's everyone doing? H and I have been so busy this past month and I have missed TK so much, I haven't forgotten about you gals! We've always had something to do every single day, today is the first time we don't have anything planned for the day, so I wanted to check in on everyone!

H and I got very busy on our last days in Japan with moving out of our apartment and hanging out with friends(this meant a lot of dressing up and  going to dinners and bars!) We even had a "going away" party and it was a lot of fun, although the other nights of drinking caught up to me that time I think. We have been having an awesome time home. We've been out and about exploring the beauty of the Northwest with the in laws and this weekend, we threw a "welcome home" party for H! It was a lot of fun. I have been with him every single day for a little over a month now and it is such an amazing feeling! 

So what's new with you ladies? Anything fun going on? Here are some pics of what we've been up to! 

At our going away with friends. Those are blueberry cheesecake shots, may sound weird but actually very yummy! 

MIL and I picked up H at the airport with these balloons and a giant poster, didn't post the poster due to OPSEC though. 

We went to the coast on our first full day back! 

We climbed up Multnomah Falls in Oregon.

At the "welcome home" party on Saturday

This was yesterday, we went to the Lava Canyon and Ape Caves on a Washington rainy day. Lol 

That's enough AW for me! Anybody have any AWs? Have a great day! =D

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