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Re: BM and Groomsman Problem

  • sometimes it's hard to let go of the past. we see people the way they used to be and don't want to face the fact they have changed for the worst. this girl has gone bad. i'm sorry but i have to agree with your FH and say cut her out....
  • I disagree.  OP has manipulated and caused this entire situation in the name of how tall people these two people are.  Had she backed off and stopped trying to get BM to "play nice" most of this wouldn't even be an issue.  She has also brought other people into this (other BM's) and it is none of their business.  OP needs to apologize for trying be so  meddlesome and just have BM walk with her (OP's) brother.
  • Dude, you all sound like you are 12. I stopped reading when you decided you would make them walk together because they are the shortest and would "play nice". If you knew that she didn't really like him, and wanted her in the WP, why would you make her walk with him? That just seems asinine to me.  There is also no reason why your friends and your FI's friends all have to get along and be friends. 

    Secondly, if she has had this type of behavior for a freaking decade, then why would you have her in your wedding in the first place? You don't need to have every best friend from the past 10 years in your wedding. 

    I would not kick her out, unless you do want to completely end the friendship. however, remember if you do that, no one is gonna remember anything she did, but you will look like bridezilla no matter what. I would just have her walk with another groomsmen, ignore everything else, and let the friendship fade after the wedding. 
  • Thank you all for your comments--- they were extremely helpful and a completely different perspective from what I've heard from everyone else. I have deleted the original post because I got enough feedback and didn't think there was any need to have this situation up on the board permanently.
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