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Update on my house stuff.

So, we are finally ready to go! I am going to see a place today, and through the program we are going through, if we want this place, it's pretty much ours. H isn't keen on just seeing one place and being done with it, which I totally get, buttttt this place is pretty amazing from the outside. Great location, good size house, 2 stories (which I've always wanted,) and a place for him to have his own office, and a room for a lil one later! Now, hopefully the inside is up to par. The housing market in my area is pretty small, and there are more bad places in our price range then there are good. 

We told his mom (FINALLY,) and she was so happy for us! And she wanted to unload alllll of her furniture! Ha ha ha!

Re: Update on my house stuff.

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