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Can we add a section on the website with people's wedding dates? or the thread Kendall started with bdays and anniversaries?

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    LetsHikeTodayLetsHikeToday member
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    Do you guys want this on the boards page or website?

    Let me know and I'll do it ths weekend.

    Sorry I'm a little MIA this week. It's my first week back to work, setting up my classroom. H works 14 hour days so I'm in charge of working, walking Geno, working out (not "in charge" of that), cleaning, and making dinner so I've been pretty busy!
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    calindicalindi member
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    I don't care whether you do it or not, but I don't want my information on there.  It's one thing to mention "Hey, it's my birthday" and another to have that information readily available to anyone searching for it.  I don't mind the wedding date so much, though.

    And Hike, you're totally in charge of working out!  Work out like a boss :-)



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    I just think it'd be fun with the wedding date bc we could wish them well things like that :)
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