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I've been MIA

the past week because of my job!  But I miss you ladies and I promise I'll be on more in the next few weeks!

Anyone have any exciting plans for the 96 this weekend?

Re: I've been MIA

  • kara811kara811 member
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    I know, where have you been girl?! lol No plans this weekend as of now. I just got back from SoCal. Maybe just watch a movie, eat out or bbq. 

    ETA: H is floating around the ocean, no 96 for him! They're on deployment every summer. 
  • kyrgyzstankyrgyzstan member
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    FI doesn't get a 96, just a 72, but it should be fun, FSIL and FNIL (future nephew in law) will be visiting. 
    I hate Dave Ramsey
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    Hopefully, I'll be finishing up my furniture project.. I can't wait!!!! Plus work, a cookout with my parents co-workers!!

    Miss you Green!
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    SO I was writing this while I was waiting at the car dealership, but my laptop died.  Can you believe it took 5 hours, yes FIVE HOURS, to get my car inspected/oil changed.  That is what I get for waiting until the last day of the month silly me!  

    My fiance refused to come up this weekend until Saturday because I'll be working all day Friday....I'm gonna kick his butt for that when he gets here!  We're going to be having a cookout on Sunday I think as well!  Yay for cook outs this weekend!
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