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My older sister was given up for adoption by my mom (she was a teenager), and I struggle with people's perceptions. I also grew up with a baby 'half' sister, my own father would correct me when I said sister. I certainly don't think of my little sister as my half sister, nor do I think of my older sister as my half sister. I think family is in your heart. People get confused by our situation, but honey badger don't care. I've got two sisters and one brother darn it. Do you have plans to adopt someday? H and I talked about how I want to our first week of dating, I wanted to make sure it was something he was comfortable with. 
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  • I completely agree, family is in your heart. My dad and mom remarried other people who already had daughters when I was 2 1/2 and 4, respectively. I don't remember my life before them. One always has to correct me that she is my stepsister. Really irritates and kind of hurts me. They are all my SISTERS darn it!
  • I also agree that family is with your heart. My step dad calls my sister and I his daughters, not his step daughters. It really bugs me  when people call me his step daughter, because he is my Dad.

    Again, I'm sorry if my other pot offended you, that was never my intention. 
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  • My Mom has a step-brother, and he's far closer to her than her own sister (who is not invited to the wedding, but most of you have heard that story).  She's always just said "brother". 

    I grew up with all my biological grandparents still alive (yes, I'm very blessed - and as of now, all of my biological grandparents will be at my wedding!) but my Mom's parents had divorced and remarried, so I also had a step-grandmother and step-grandfather.  I was never taught the word "step" as a child - I remember seeing it in a movie (I think "Parent Trap" about a "step-Mom") and I had to ask my parents what it meant.  And they explained it was like Grandma Judy (married to my Mom's Dad) and Grandpa Len (married to my Mom's Mom).  I yelled at them, telling them they were NOT my step-grandparents, they were my grandparents!

    I really do want to adopt.  We've talked about having 2 of our own and adopting a 3rd.  I joke that I really want at least one boy and one girl, so if we naturally have two boys or two girls, we'll adopt the one our family is missing!  If we have any trouble conceiving naturally, we'll probably move rather quickly to adoption - rather than pay money for IVF, why not put it towards adopting a child who needs a family? 



  • Since H and I already know that we'll have some trouble TTC, adoption is definetly something we're looking into..  Obviously it's still a while from now because we aren't even talking about kids now, but we have discussed and probably will do later..

    Y'all make my heart smile!! I just love you guys!!
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    It always makes me laugh when people point out how "blended" my family is, because I never think of it that way.  My mom was married before my dad, and she had 2 kids.  I grew up with 3 older siblings and 1 younger siblings.  The two oldest were never my "half-siblings" and my younger brother isn't my "adopted brother" unless people point it out.  They are my brothers and sister, and I love them all the same. 

    I think it's fantastic when people are willing to consider adoption, because it can be just as close of a relationship as any biological child.  My little brother was a family adoption, and my parents had a connection with him from their first time meeting him.   It's beautiful.  :)
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