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My FI and I have been engaged for about 4 months now and until yesterday he has always been very sure that he wanted a military wedding. This week he told me that he wasn't sure. It doesn't really matter to me either way, that area is totally up to him but what does matter is the colors I'm using. We were planning on AF mess dress and my colors were blue and champagne. Do you other knotties think it would look strange having those colors with black tuxes instead or should I change them? I mainly selected them because I thought they would compliment the uniform. I just wish he would make up his mind... blah

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    SpunkchinSpunkchin member
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    You should pick the colors you like without worrying about coordinating with the uniform.
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    Pick colors you want because you want them. In our wedding, our colors are light blue and yellow (blue is my favorite color).  FH is in the AF wearing his dress uniform (navy blue), the girls are all wearing yellow dresses, and the groomsman are wearing black tuxes with yellow vests.  We have a few Army men in our wedding party who will be wearing their GREEN dress uniforms.  It doesn't all match, but who cares? It's still going to look good, despite that.

    Something to keep in mind: Not everything has to be matchy-matchy. I know all the websites and magazines show it, but you don't have to do it, and it will still look amazingly awesome.
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    don't base colors off of the uniform ! i tried doing that , & it ended up in a disaster ! pick ones you like . so either way , you will be satisfied !
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    My FI is wearing AF mess dress but none of the groomsmen are military - they are wearing black tuxes with platinum vests.  My bridesmaids are wearing platinum dresses with a navy sash.  I've also thrown in a little bit of pale yellow with the flowers and the flower girl's dress.  I am happy with my color choices and I think it will look really sharp!  Good luck to you!
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