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hey ladies!!! Have a lot going on with the wedding planning and all that jazz. Now the fiancé states he possibly wants to do the government contracting overseas. He currently is in the Air Force and we live down in Newport News, Va. With that he would be leaving for about 4 months or so then gets to come home for a month and keep going back. However, with doing this I will be stuck planning all by myself due to me not being from this area do not have really close friends here and my mother lives 4 hours away. I am all for new things because with this job he said that I can pick where we move too after we get married and I am excited about moving somewhere else. This job would give me the chance to go back to nursing school full time and also allow me to take care of our future first child and be financially stable. I have top choices of where I would like us to move, Maryland, Florida , Texas (Dallas area) and California. It's just after planning a wedding then will have to deal with my new husband deployed for a few months at a time! :(

I am strong and ready for a challenge but it's just like wow??!!!!

Re: concerns......

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    If you need any help - I'm from VB and can give some advice/recommendations and I have a few friends in the area too! PM me anytime! That sounds really overwhelming. I think it's hard to be ready for a deployment - they suck. It's okay to be concerned about it - but whats important is your already seeing the positives that might/could come out of this new oppertunity. Looking on the positive side is super important!
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    That is how my Fi deployed before his last PCS a a little bit ago. It is a little different from the longer ones. That's great about being able to move where you'd like and continue with your schooling and such. I can't help with the wedding planning in that area, but I am used to that kind of deployment sched if you get frustrated or anything with it. And I also have a little experience with the contracting as well. pm if you'd like whenever. It sounds like your doing great with this though and even if you are a little overwhelmed of concerned your happy and excited about all of this which is half the battle.
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