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Vacation Question!

So, FI and I want to go out and about but I was wondering...what's the best way to get the best deal? Anyone a seasoned traveler around here? I'd appreciate any help I can get. :)


Re: Vacation Question!

  • I've noticed some good deals through livingsocial, groupon, and rue la la. 
  • Where do you want to go?  In the US or out of the country?  Weekend or longer? 
  • Yes, Groupon and Living Social "escape" deals!
  • Anywhere in the US preferably and for about 5 days I think would be nice.

    I'm about to go check those sites out, thanks guys! :)
  • TravelZoo is by far the best way to get a deal.  Be careful with LivingSocial Escapes - they tend to not offer as good of a deal as you might be able to get elsewhere.

    I would use TripAdvisor.com for the area you are considering going to find out which hotels or areas you would want to go to.  From there, find out average pricing (by either using their website or calling them up - most have 1-800 numbers for US customers).  Ask for any discounts - military, if they ever have any sales, honeymoon packages, etc.

    I am a big fan of Priceline Name-Your-Own Price, but you have to know what you have a chance of getting first (thus TripAdvisor).  We got a hotel in Paris that usually goes for $250 for $75 that way.

    For Caribbean trips, CheapCaribbean.com is usually the best deals on resorts and such.  Sometimes it's cheaper to buy with flights, usually it is cheaper to buy separately, but if you aren't a seasoned traveler, it's best to buy together since they'll usually help if anything goes wrong.



  • I've been looking at flights and such and I really was an idiot for putting this off till last minute. My prospective travel dates would be March 10-March 17...but I really don't see getting any flights under a grand for the both of us. So far, we've realized that the resorts are honestly not that pricey, even to the Carribean...the only thing that's killing us is the airfare. I'm not sure if I should just give up or keep looking for other more obscure vacation spots to go to. Maybe I should start checking out cruiselines too...

    I would really appreciate any input on this. Anyone have a favored vacation spot?

  • You've picked about the worst time ever to fly somewhere tropical.  It's Spring Break week.  It'll be crazy expensive and booked up.

    Your best bet is to keep an eye on CheapCaribbean.com and TravelZoo and see if any last minute deals pop up.  Otherwise, you might have to suck up the $1k airfare.



  • Haha, I knew about the tropical places being super crowded and booked XD but the only reason I looked into it is because FI absolutely loves the Carribean. I was wanting something more north, which he doesn't mind but I know he'd much rather go to Cozumel rather than go to Utah/Colorado.

    Oh well....the search continues! :)

    P.S. Thanks for the booking tips :D

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