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Christmas question

So H and I are planning to go to Florida for Christmas. My question is when do you think we should exchange gifts? I don't really see the point of packing them up in the car, driving down there, opening them up there, packing them back up in the car? I am not sure if the weekend before would be feasible either. I know we don't need a huge big production for gifts and such, but I want it to at least be nice. Should we do a nice dinner sometime the week before we leave and exchange then?

Disclaimer: I know this is  a stupid question, but its a random thought in my head today and since I can't talk to H about it, I choose you girls. And this is the first Christmas we have ever had to travel for together, so this is new for us haha.


Re: Christmas question

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    Last year our presents had so many miles on them it was not even funny.  They were in three different states.   So with that being said, we did exchange them on Christmas day.  We also rode around with them to see everyone.  We looked like the Beverly Hill Billies.  It was pure Christmas awesome.  HAA

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    We are waiting until after Christmas when H gets home. Have you thought of doing them when you get back?
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    We do that Ggirl.

    We pack the stuff up, open them on christmas, and bring them back.

    I'm a Christmas lover though- pretty much obsessed and I need to do that to be happy. :-)
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    Hmmm all good ideas. Now I wish h would call or show up online so I can bug him about this haha. I also hope he put in for his leave. We could bring them and open them when my nieces are opening their gifts since we will probably spend Christmas night at my sisters instead of my parents.
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    If it's not a big deal to you, then do it home.. but if it were me, I would probably feel left out (I'm so silly that way!).  Maybe you could do big gifts at home and smaller things on the road?
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    This is our third Christmas away. We leave our gifts for each other for when we get back. It's more fun to have something to come home and look forward to. 
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    I'm also looking forward to extending Christmas :)
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    Just like Hike, we always bring our presents to wherever we are spending Christmas, so this year we'll be doing the same again! 

    For us, it won't be Christmas unless we open the presents the day of or Christmas Eve at the strike of midnight! 
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    It really depends on what you want to do. If you want to do it the week before, thats fine. Take everything with you is fine too. Or even wait until the week after is another viable option.

    For us, We have about 3 Christmases and take the gifts for the people we are visiting on that trip and that is it. Christmas normally lasts a month by the time we get around to opening everything. Haha. Actually my family doesn't even start buying gifts until after Christmas and we normally just do gifts for everyone on New Years Day.
    I can't tell are you visiting family or just vacationing in Florida? Often times my family would travel to Florida to Disney World for Christmas (Love it!!) We never took any gifts (except santa gifts for the little kids) and we just had "Christmas" when we got back. But that is my family, everyone is different.

    It is really just a day, I know a family that celebrated "Christmas" on the Saturday after Thanksgiving because that was the only time they would all be in the same country.
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