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USAF Dress Blues and a fall/winery wedding

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I know there are some posts out there about mess dress/dress blues and that at the end of the day, it is up to him.  He knows my preference (no dress blues, his just are not that sharp looking IMO and...they're blue!).  But I'm just going to assume my FI wants to wear it...mainly because he doesn't want himself or his GM to rent/purchase a tux. 

We want a fall wedding at a winery and I had my heart set on a combination of fall-ish browns/greens/oranges.  Has anyone had this approximate color combo work with dress blues?  Pictures would be much appreciated!  I'm afraid that brown dresses will clash with the blues.  Should I just plan and ignore what's going on the right side of the alter?


Re: USAF Dress Blues and a fall/winery wedding

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    IMO i would be more worried about the brown dresses and the black tuxes clashing, but like I said, thats just my opinion.  I think that your dream colors would look really nice with the dress blues!! I hope you get your hearts desire!!
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    Question 1: If his GM will not be purchasing or renting tuxes what would they wear? --  Are they all AF?

    Question 2: Does your FI have Mess Dress? (fancier dress blues)

    My FI is an USAFA graduate and just finished Pilot Training. He will be wearing his Mess Dress (Picture in my Bio under Attire). Although our Ushers and Reader will also be wearing Mess Dress the GM are not military and will not. He also didn't want to have to rent a tux and loves his mess dress.

    I don't think the Brown and Bright Blue of the Dress Blues will clash -- but I personally dislike brown a lot. If you are not set on the Brown you could always go with a grey that may match better.

    I would ask your FI to ask his GM if they want to wear theres. I know FI always had to wear his while at the Academy and may have opted out of it. His GM might be the same way. Our GM wanted to look fly and all wanted a super fancy white tux.

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    Honestly, with military weddings--there isn't much "clash".  Anytime you're in uniform (unless the wedding colors are lime green or something) you're going to look classy.
    We did Navy, Ivory and hints of burnt orange at our wedding (October wedding), it was perfect and the guys looked great in their mess dress/AF blues
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