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I don't think this will shock anyone (NWR)

Re: I don't think this will shock anyone (NWR)

  • I can't believe how much some of the parents fork out for pageants. I was at the gym like a month ago and nothing else was on so I watched that show. Makes my head hurt
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    It's funny to me how the article mostly focuses on the mother's boobs.  That's one of those shows that's so bad it keeps me from wanting to change the channel haha!  I can't even begin to imagine a life like that...
  • "I'm also an MMA cage girl and I go to all sorts of events and make some interesting connections", Oh my goodness your 2 yr olds "beauty contest" really worth all that trouble? SMH, there's so many better things that that money could go *ahem* your 4 kids' educations?
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