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Mad Men Monday...

I am an evil person, and I was really hoping for someone to have taken Megan and her disappear for a few episodes! HAH! She was SUCH a brat at the restaurant. I wanted to smack her when she was like, no, this sherbet isn't good. WTF, that's rude! And, I swear, how did she NOT get brain freeze after shoveling all of that in her mouth? Ha ha!

Ummm, I never want to see Peggy jack anyone off, EVER.AGAIN. WTF Peggy?!?

WE have a Holocaust baby! I can't wait til his story develops more. I am so interested in the Holocaust. I predict CAB tears in the near future.

I was really thrown off by the way the story was going... the whole backwards thing.

Roger is single again! I predict a Roger/Joan wedding! The LSD scenes were pretty cool.

Re: MMM?!?

  • I was just about to post here since it's so lonely...but I has no knowledge of teh Mad Men. Embarassed
  • DAMMIT ZELDA! Go watch it now and report back in an hour! ANDALE! (that's hurry in spanish.)
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    [QUOTE]DAMMIT ZELDA! Go watch it now and report back in an hour!<strong> ANDALE! (that's hurry in spanish.)</strong>
    Posted by CAB1217[/QUOTE]

    </div><div>oh man, my southern is coming out. I totally read that in  my head as "ann dale"</div><div>
    </div><div>I have no knowledge of madmen either .I watched a lifetime movie about a craigslist killer last night. </div>
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  • ZeldakinsZeldakins member
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    Haha, CAB!!!! I seriously posted that and went to watch it on Netflix XD

    Edit: Also, Ya me fui! Tongue Out
  • Crap, sorry, was actually going to start a post earlier but then was dealing with the car. Anyways...

    I have to say that I love the way that the show is dealing with problems we all knew had to be dealt with, but in off-the-wall ways. Like, we knew Roger and Jane were going to break up, but add some LSD and it became a really poignant scene. I'll admit that I'd never really seen Jane as a whole person besides a pretty, spoiled, gold digger before, but, now, I kind of sympathize. Also, did anyone else catch that Jane is/was Jewish?

    Also, we knew that Megan and Don's relationship and how he treats her at work had to come to a head, and that was an awesome way to do it. I would've been pissed if their little run around the apartment had led to sex again. Don both kind of looks down on but simultaneously need women to care for him, and Megan's starting to get that. Also, what she said about his mom was ice cold, especially because it seems like she knows a little about Diick Whitman, but that makes me wonder if she knows the whole story. I think that Don sees Megan as his lifeboat, but I don't know that she's ready to be that. She seemed to be going along with the "Yes, Master" stuff for a long time, but I think she thought it would end or become only a sex thing, she fails to see that that's how he treats women.

    Also, I think Don's about to have something wrong, maybe lung cancer, because of the way he keeps coughing all the time. I'll also bet that Megan's pregnant, the whole not feeling well, not eating and picking at food and saying that the sherbet tastes like perfume, that's total kind of pregnant lady behavior, and you know Matt Weiner doesn't put stuff like that in for no reason. 

    CAB- You called Holocaust baby, so I'm interested to see where it goes. 

    Also, about Peggy, I think she still feels like she shouldn't be enjoying sex, so I think that has a lot to do with her in that movie theater. In a way, it's like she uses sex for punishment. 

    And Cooper at the end was fantastic. He doesn't talk too much, but when he does, it's awesome. You could kind of see exactly how stupid Don's words were to him as they came out of Don's mouth. How can your department need more people when you're rarely there or working and you take a member of the department with you when you leave? I hope Don takes that seriously, it looks like Megan will be taking her career more seriously, too. 
  • In Response to Re:MMM?!?:[QUOTE]Haha, CAB!!!! I seriously posted that and went to watch it on Netflix XDEdit: Also, Ya me fui! Posted by Zeldakins[/QUOTE]
    Mas te vale! Ha ha ha! I predict you'll catch up pretty quick :
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