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Romantic Proposal for an official engagement :)

We had already talked about getting married and everyone knew it was going to happen but now it is official with ring and all. :)

My family went to MIssouri for Thanksgiving to spend it with my younger brother and my FI had to work two of the nights that we were going to be up there so he couldn't come. On Friday, we all decided to go to Bennett Spring State Park because they have this nature trail that goes to this natural tunnel. Not too far into it my brother got "sick" and had to turn back. The rest of us kept going and were going to meet up with him at the end. About halfway through it though we decided to go ahead and head back to where he was. When we returned he had left. He had went to "get something" and would be right back.  So we waited for him to get back and pick us up.  While waiting we decided we needed to go to walmart because we had brought stuff to make smores but had no sticks to roast the marshmellows.  We got back to the cabin and me, my brother, and his girlfriend went to walmart.  When we came back my mom told me to go get her video camera out of the bunkhouse cause she had been videoing the room to show everyone what it looked like and she had left it out there. So i went out there to get it and when I opened the door my ring was sitting on this little table surrounded by 5 candles. I went to the table, picked it up and started looking around the room for him.  I couldn't see him anywhere and then when I turned back around he was there. He took the ring box from me and held my hands and told me that he hadn't made a speech or thought of what he wanted to say but that he knew I was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. He got down on his knee and ask me "Lyndsay, will you marry me?"  I said "Yes" and he put the ring on my finger. :)

I couldn't figure out how he had gotten there at all. I was completely surprised by how much involvement my family had to play into it to make it work :) I couldn't have asked for a more romantic proposal :) I love him so much :)

Re: Romantic Proposal for an official engagement :)

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