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I'm back, and married (PIP)

I hope these photos work. I tried to do this post the other day and they were not co-operating. Anyway, it was a beautiful day and we got perfect weather. His mom was a bit nuts (trash talking me at the rehearsal before we got there--in front of my MOH), which was to be expected, but she chilled a bit. The $300 I had to pay the church's wedding co-ordinator person (that it was compulsory to use) was pretty much wasted money (letting people into the church while we were still taking pictures, lost the groomsmen after her telling me that the groomsmen were her job to worry about), but I'm pretty much over it. My aunts were just incredible getting everything together. 

I don't have too many pics of the church yet, those will be mostly pro photos. BTW, I don't know if Mel still comes around, but she rec'd my photographer, and the photog was totally awesome. On the ball and super helpful (she climbed a tree to get a shot she wanted, that's commitment), so if anyone on the board gets married in MS, I have a name for you. Hope everyone's well!

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