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Meeting with the priest for the first time--What to expect??


My Fiance and I have our first meeting with the priest coming up. What can I expect from this meeting? Should we prepare anything??


Re: Meeting with the priest for the first time--What to expect??

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    We just spoke a little about what we expected during the ceremony and then signed some paperwork.  It really isn't much to worry about.  I remember being so stressed about it because to me it's the most important part of the day but it turned out to be really easygoing.
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    You could both bring a copy of your baptismal and confirmation certificates.  The priest is going to need that at some point before you can get married, and it would be an easy way to check something off of your to do list.  Otherwise, just bring a notebook and pen so you can take notes about the process.  If you are meeting with a priest at a church where neither of you are a member, you are going to have to get permission from your home church to get married elsewhere.  So you might want to ask the priest if you should take care of that in advance.

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