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Brooch Bouquet, and other DIY crap. (Super PIP!)

Hello ladies! I truly miss you all. I resent this wedding because it keeps me from you. Ha ha, only kind of kidding :) Sami, I am totally into it now... I promise! It took 20 days before the wedding for me to get into it, but dammit, I am.

Disclaimer- I am totally KUI right now. I blame the ladies that recommended Cupcake Red Velvet wine.

Well, my sister and I have finished the brooch bouquet tonight! And here is the proof:

Shay and Winnie, see the boot? That's my dedication to my wedding twins :) I knowwww, corny.

Other side of the bouquet

Ha haaaaa! DUCT TAPE FTW!!!

The cameo that I made! It's our wedding logo.

The stem, with our last initial

and the final product. This picture does it NO justice!!!

I just have to say that my sister is amazing. She helped put this together for me, and I have to say, she did about 70% of this. She was totally the brains behind putting the brooches I bought together so beautifully. I am very lucky!

Anyway, we also did my birdcage:

Again, sister's brain child. I did the little signs, and she did the rest. I am a very happy tipsy girl right now.

Re: Brooch Bouquet, and other DIY crap. (Super PIP!)

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