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1/2 of Favors Bought! :)

So I'm having a Marie Antoinette/Versailles reception and I thought a really cute idea for wedding favors were little bottles of French wine. But then I realized that it's not very kid-friendly. We are having a handful of kids there. (About 10 kids)

And then I found these (clicky) and I thought they would be so fun for kids and look wedding-appropriate. Well they only came in 24 packs so if I bought 5 that would be the exact amount of guests we have! So I said F it and bought 5 packs. So now I'm on the hunt for little bottles of (French if possible) wine. When I find those I'm going to tie them together with a bow out of pretty ribbon or lace. :)

So excited!

P.S. Anyone know where I can find tiny bottles of wine that isn't super expensive?
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Re: 1/2 of Favors Bought! :)

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