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NWR: Graduate School

I officially applied for Graduate School in Wichita, KS. Which scares me to death, kinda. :)

I started researching jobs around FI's next station right when he received his orders. Outlook wasn't looking so good, so I threw around the idea of going back to school. I already have 2 Bachelors of Arts degrees and got my Certificate in Law Enforcement (similar to other state's Police Academy) and I have been working PT for a Police Department for over a year. I was hoping with the new move I'd be able to finally get Full Time employment. However, that's not going to happen. On the bright side- this University has a lot of assistantships available so tuition shouldn't be a problem. FI is super excited but I am not. I worry I'm becoming overeducated and in the end its not going to help me advance my career goals. Can you ladies my squash those fears?!? :)

With his BAH our rent is covered and he loves the idea of being able to support me (he is very old-fashioned) but I still feel guilty not being able to contribute financially. Most likely I'll be spending most of my free time doing the work study, paying for my tuition.

Re: NWR: Graduate School

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    What are you getting this degree in?  

    I know the feeling, it definitely sucks to have multiple degrees and still not get a job.  I have dual teaching certification, and my Master's, and it hasn't made it any easier finding a teaching job.  I gave up while we are here in WA and am hoping that when we get to VA I can get a teaching job.  If not, I haven't completely ruled out getting a second in Master's.  
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    What will your degree be in?

    If you don't want to go back to school, then don't.  Do something that makes you happy.  Look at this as an opportunity, especially if your FI can and wants to support you.  You can try writing a book, or selling things on Etsy if you're crafty, or blogging, or becoming a wedding photographer.  Really, you can do ANYTHING!

    Now, if you don't want to go back to school because you fear you'll be overeducated, but would otherwise very much like to go back to school, then push those fears aside.  "Overeducated" is only a problem when you expect a pay rate equivalent with your education - if you're going to refuse jobs under $X, then the education might not be worth it.  Especially in this economy, every little bit of experience or education you can soak up is a leg up over other applicants.



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    My Masters would be in Criminal Justice. I already have 2 Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Sociology and Sociology of Criminal Justice.
    When I started I wanted nothing more than to be a Detective. Thus why I went and became a licensed Police Officer in the state of MN. When I did my undergrad I became really fascinated with Crime Theories and thought about trying to become publisher and do my own research, perhaps teaching at the collegiate level some day.

    Long story short, no one in my family supports my dream to be a detective. My Dad was my only support and he passed away from Colon Cancer last year. Granted my Dad would have also loved the idea of me continuing my education and teaching college students like he did, he still didn't discredit my Law Enforcement dreams. FI doesn't want me to be a Detective or a cop because he doesn't want to have to worry about my safety while he is deployed. Apparently, he is the only one allowed to have a dangerous job. ;) I agree with his reasoning but, I too would also prefer not to worry about him. But I know his dream means more and I am willing to deal with it.

    To summarize, I would prefer to work Full-Time as a Police Officer or Sheriff's Deputy or even a Federal Agency out in the field and not go back to school. But at this point it doesn't look like that will happen. Not only because of lack of support but lack of open positions.
    In the end I don't want to regret whatever career option I pick and I am willing to see where Graduate School takes me. Does that make any sense or was this just a jumbled mess? I have a million things going through my head right now!

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