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New here!

Hello all!

I just thought I would introduce myself, I have been lurking for about a month now and figure I might as well introduce myself. My fiance is in the Navy stationed in Florida while I am finishing up my degrees at the University of Oklahoma. We have been together since his senior year (my sophomore)  of college (before he joined) and we just recently got engaged! 

I was visiting him for spring break last month and I had ideas and hints that he might propose but honestly we talked about it and didn't want a long engagement, so part of me knew he wasn't going to ask. My last weekend there he told me we were going to St Augustine to have a day trip. He was being all "sneaky sneaky" and I knew something was up but I didn't want to get my hopes up. After doing the typical touristy stuff he has got us tickets for a sunset cruise on a sailboat. After he told me I was thinking, "I knew it I knew it! This is it! Act Surprised" About halfway through the cruise as he was talking with the people around us and the crew and practically ignoring me..I thought I was wrong. But just before the sun started to set he got down on one knee(actually at first it was both knees, ehh good catholic boy) on the boat infront of everyone, asked and I said YES!

We are tentatively set for July 7th 2012! But, knowing the military that might have to change. He recently turned in his officer package and is waiting to hear back about that, hoping he will already be done with OCS by July.

We have been long distance for over a year now, I am counting down the days until we are "Normal" again.Smile

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