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Hello! I am newly engaged and my fiance and I are starting to browse ideas. We live in Miami and , of course, want a beach wedding! We want to have it in a secluded area, maybe West Palm or the Keys. Also, we don't know whether to have it in Nov or March. I am going for March 2014 being the fact that I am getting my bachelors and that will be my last semester so it won't be too hard (my internship). Also, tax returns come in (;. My fiance wants it in Nov 2013 being the fact that it is not too far away and March of 2014 is.
My problem with NOv is people are going to be thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas and definately not about buying a ticket for a Nov wedding... Any help and ideas would be great!!! Venues??? We are still looking but want to choose a place where it isn't too expensive...

Also colors!!! We were thinking turqoise + a tropical green??? Any goodies will be good!!!


  • My cousin got married at a botanical garden in Miami Beach, and it was awesome (my husband and I met at that wedding, so I'm a little bit partial).  I have no idea how expensive it was, but I don't think it was too bad (and off-season or on a friday or sunday would probably be cheaper).   The biggest thing that will affect your budget is your GUEST LIST.  More guests = more money.  More attendants also = more money (bouquets, gifts, etc).

    Nov 2013 is a long way away.  I think if you plan on that, you're giving people PLENTY of time to plan to attend a November wedding.   They can budget their money and time off from work to make this possible.   However, if you're still in school, then you'll want to think carefully about how being married will affect that (where will you live?  will your financial aid be affected?  what about student health benefits?).   This is less of a factor if you get married in March, in the middle of your last semester.  
  • Definitely March, just make sure it doesn't land on spring break.  November, beach is filled with snow birds. 
  • Nov - you're less likely to melt in the heat. Besides, do you really want to have to contend with Spring Break going on during your wedding.
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