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did I make a mistake?

When I made and ordered the invites I didn't put my fiance's rank on them. He might be getting promoted soon. I didn't even think of putting his rank on them. Did I screw up big time? We are invinting people he got to know at basic.

Re: did I make a mistake?

  • You put the rank that he has at the time the invites are mailed out. To put a rank he has not yet earned on an invite is inappropriate.
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  • I second what Stan said but I'll add that, as you should see in the earlier post about rank in invites, putting rank on them is really a matter of what your FI wants. It's not a requirement or anything.
  • Yeah you didn't screw up by not putting one on there, but you would have screwed up big time by putting a would-be promoted rank on there. Let it go, it'll be fine!
  • Yeah rank does not need to be on the invites. You did not screw up.
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