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I'm a PW today, who wants to help me pick out invitations?

And I really don't want to go handwrite more addresses. So I'm playing around on here. 

After the STD debacle (gave my dad all all the info and design ideas for them in late March, finally got them this Monday). I've decided that it's just easier for me to order a PDF and then just buy the paper and have my dad print out the invitations and RSVP cards. No muss, no fuss, he doesn't have to worry about getting someone to help him design them. 

My mom would like something a little more formal, but I don't want people to come dresses to the nines since it's during the day and the reception isn't super-formal. 

There are so many of these available I feel like I've only scratched the surface, but I just want to go ahead and order them so I can get the proofs and get them printed. Here're a few I like: 

This is my mom's favorite:

These are my top two, I really love the one with the poppies:

* my only problem with this one is that we'd have to change the wording on the template pretty significantly and I don't know how that would look. 

So, thoughts? Opinions? I want them to be formal enough for a church wedding, I want them to look nice and appropriate, and I don't want them to look mega-trendy. 

Re: I'm a PW today, who wants to help me pick out invitations?

  • My favorite is the first one of your top two. It's so cute!!  I also, like #2 of the first 3.  I think it's a good combination of what both you and your mom like, but it's YOUR wedding. You pick what you want. 
  • I LOVE #2 & #5
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  • #2 and #6 (but only if poppies are actually being used in your wedding. :)
  • Yeah the poppies are cute but way out of left field from everything else you posted. Do you have a color scheme? Flower inspirations? I think it could end up looking random, but that might just be me. I'm also not loving the art deco font. 
  • The color scheme is bright poppy red, golden yellow and pumpkin orange with a base of navy. The BMs are in navy with (hopefully) red and yellow flowers  and silk poppy hair clips. They may also do red shoes.  I'll take my veil out for the reception and put a matching clip in my hair. I loooooove poppies, and specifically love that color of red. It's part of why we didn't end up going with red BM dresses, I couldn't find the color I wanted. 

    I'd love for my bouquet to be poppies, but they may not be in season in November and might be impossible to find for any amount of money. I'm thinking of subbing in some ranunculus and red and white anemones. If my flower people can find poppies for me, then we're a go. 

    I think I'm going to convo the seller of the first one of my favorites and see if changing the wording would really mess with the format. I do know that if we do one of the invitations with a little flourish or design, I'd like it to be in a bright red. 
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    I love the poppy one! That is super cute.
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