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Vow Renewal Wording

Hello Ladies,

My hubby and I had our small family ceremony early April before he was deployed to Afghanistan. I am trying to get things in line for our vow renewal in October and I'm trying to find a good way to word our invitations. This is what I have so far, tell me what you think:

Jane Anne Doe
John Allen Doe
First Lieutenant, United States Marine Corps
(the Knot said the rank is supposed to be worded like that, I'm double checking though)

Invite you to join them
in a celebration of their new marriage
on Friday, the twenty second of October
Two thousand ten
Five o' clock in the evening

Happy Days Lodge
333 Smith Rd.
Anytown, OH 44555

Reception Immediately Afterward

Everybody who is invited knows we are married and they understand this is a vow renewal, so I'm not hiding that  (I'm sorry, but I think it's tacky when people hide that their married- we wanted to tell the whole world!). And our vow renewal is not going to be like a wedding either. For example, we are both going to walk down the aisle together, and there isn't going to be a bouquet or garter toss (thank goodness b/c I never liked them anyways LOL).

I want this to be like how people sometimes do their destination weddings, they had their ceremony w just their family somewhere far away and later on they have their elaborate party. Thank you for the replies ahead of time :)

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Re: Vow Renewal Wording

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    pavingtheroadpavingtheroad member
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    I think that wording sounds great
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    That wording actually sounds great! My FI and I are planning on doing the same thing. Just a question though, how did you ease people into the situation? Our families know, as well as close friends, but everyone else that we're inviting to our Vow Renewal will probably just hear of our JOP marriage by rumor and I feel that some people might be offended without a formal announcement that we were legally married beforehand. Any ideas?
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    CARLY78CARLY78 member
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    Thanks everyone for the input!

    Chevygirl- I just told everybody, put it on my wedding website, and on our save the dates... because our vow renewal is on a Friday and I wanted people to be able to make arrangements with their workplace.

    Communication was key to making this vow renewal work. And lucky for my DH and myself, our family and friends support us in our decision and we are blessed for that. Also, to give a background to our relationship- we were friends for 5 years before we started dating for 4 (he has been in the Marines for 3), and we just got married. So, we were both fixtures in each other's life for a long time and it wasn't a shock that we married. Hope this helps you out.

    Also, like my girlfriends tell me- if you tell people the situation openly and honestly then the ones that truly love you will be there for you no matter what.
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    tmr0724tmr0724 member
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    I really appreciate this post! My husband and I were married at the courthouse almost two years ago and a deployment followed by a baby have delayed our formal ceremony for a long time. When he returns from Afghanistan next year we are going to have a vow renewal and I was so confused about how to word invitations for that.

    Thank you!
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    My husband is deployed in Kuwait we quickly got married August of 2011 before he left. We didnt have a wedding and I am planning one for August 2013 Any ideas on what we should say during the vow ceromony?
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