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Receiving Line

HI Ladies,

We are having an outdoor wedding on the property of a rental community in Deep Creek, so we are restricted in what we can use for a receiving line (traditionally was rice).  We have to use something that will not leave a mess (nothing paper or non-biodegradable) as well as nothing that will harm the wildlife.  I am really looking for something original, but having a hard time finding a winner that both the wedding coordinator and I agree on.  I wanted to use bloomin' paper confetti, but it takes too long to break down (2 months).  Any ideas, or have any favorites that you used? 

Re: Receiving Line

  • Throw rose petals or blow bubbles into the air.
  • OP, I think you are confusing the "receiving line' with your "farewell". 

    Receiving line=when guests get in a line and receive your thanks for attending.

    farewell=when everybody waits for you afterwards and sees you off to the recpetion or HM. 

    Options for Farwell:  Sparklers, ribbon wands, flower petals, bubbles. 
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  • I think she means the farewell. Bubbles are a nice option. I'm debating between that and rose petals. I've also seen some knotties post about birdseed.
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