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Ring Question...

So I was wondering if anybody has ever sold or done a "trade-in" with their engagement ring. FI and I were discussing upgrading my ring before we start doing an e-pics and of course pre-wedding, but we're not entirelly sure how to start going about it. Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)

Re: Ring Question...

  • Honestly, unless you got a ring from like a gumball machine, why would you upgrade so soon? Save the money IMHO. I would be heartbroken to exchange the ring H proposed with. 

    And you get so little for them, that you might as well just buy a new one. 
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    Yea I figured he wasn't going to get what he paid for it. Truthfully I feel like he paid WAY too much for it, but he bought it on a whim and without ever seeing it in person so that has a lot to do with it. And because it has so much sentimental value and memories built up in it, I think I'm going to end up keeping it even if he does buy another one.
  • What if you used the old and combined it with the new. You can keep the old one still but add it in somehow. They actually take diamods off and add them on a different piece. Or instead just get an enhance as a wedding band. It will make it pop a lot more. Take it to a store and tell  them you want to enhance it and they can show you options. This could save you more money than just buying two completely new ones.
  • If you want an upgrade, why don't you take the stones out of the original band and make a custom ring?! I don't know what the issue is with your old ring, but if you want more bling that is the way to go, in my opinion. Your fiance can just get separate stones, which sometimes you can get cheaper then if you buy a ring with stones already set in.
  • We did. I never liked my original ring but pretended to because H picked it. It just wasn't my style at all and it made my finger look super chubby. It broke and I finally confessed to H that I didn't like it. He felt horrible that I wasn't in love with it.

    People can judge all they want. I'm glad I was honest with him and it was never became a huge issue.

    When we went in to get it fixed the ring I picked out 4 years ago was there and we took it as a sign. He purchased through Shane Co and they allow you to trade in your ring as long as you spend a little more on the new ring (1.5% more). So if your H spent 1k on your original ring your new ring has to be valued at $1,500 or more. So you would need to shell out $500 more. Make Sense?
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  • The stones in the ring I have now aren't exactly the best quality, and the place we're looking at getting the new ring is local and only use stones or settings if you purchased the original ring there. We've already gone to look at rings and I even got to build up a "wish list" of sorts. That way FI has some input too, I picked lots of different styles that I would love to wear, now he makes the final decision. :) I'm excited!
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