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Question about a bar

Hi Ladies! I was wondering if anyone knew of a place that would set up an open bar at my wedding. I was told that there was a lady in EP that would do it for $350 for the night(including bartenders, ice, cups, alcohol and whatever else). But, I just wanted to know if there was anyone local. Any ideas?! :)Thanks!

Re: Question about a bar

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    No, I dont but I would like to know of one in Albuquerque!
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    am not sure about Las Cruces but I have noticed in looking at caterers menus they state whather they can handle an open bar. As for ABQ there are a few- Cooperage Jim Schumaker 505-379-1362 Blue Plate Special Gwen Clapp 505-255-2583 Gardunos Chef Eddy Adams 505-298-5514 These are just a few but check with your venue they may have an agreement for you to bring in your own alcohol with a waiver
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    Hi, usually you just need a licensed bartender and you can purchase your own liquor for her/him to serve.  That is what we are probably doing.  I have several friends who are licensed bartenders and it's just a matter of choosing one.  They are basically doing it for tips (they are setting up a tip jar and otherwise it's an open bar with the liquor that my fiance and I will choose/purchase).  I think there are many who will do it for a small fee, maybe a couple hundred dollars.
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