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May 15th ladies...7 months

Shout out to my May 15th date twins Just 7 months to go! Can't believe how fast the time went. I thought 16 months would be too long of an engagement, but it's gone by so quickly. Even though I have a lot done, I still felt a little panicky when I saw the countdown, Hope everyone's planning is coming along.

Re: May 15th ladies...7 months

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    I know! 7 months are going to go by super fast! I can't wait!
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    I know!! How exciting!! FI and I were talking about it last night. How fast time has gone by and these 7 months are going to go by fast too! I feel a little panicky too but at least we have alot done!
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    I still feel very behind on planning from the rest of you. But I'm getting on it. Got the dress.Looked today at reception sites. Looks like we will probably be going with Indian Pueblo Cultural Center. Its between that or Rio Grande Inn. Rio Grande gives us a free complementary suite for the night. But the rooms at IPCC are nicer, and their coordinator is more experienced. Now I need to get FI in on the action and see what he says.I think we finally settled on colors. Black and White. And probably going with green accent. I just saw green roses, and fell in love.How is planning going with the rest of the May 15th ladies this week?
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    Things are going pretty good. We have an appt with someone from the church for the PreCana class on Natural Family Planning tomorrow. So, we'll see how that goes.I also pretty much have the guest list finalized... well kinda... Lol.. thats been the hardest part. Waiting for FMIL to give me her list. Its nerve recking but I gotta calm down! lolOther than that, nothing new... Hows everyone else?
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