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I went yesterday to go look at wedding dresses. The first place I went to was Bridal Budget Shop. www.budgetbridalshop.com6820 4th St NWAlbuquerque, NM 87107-6165(505) 342-9333They were fabulous. I would give them an A+. The experience was great. They don't do appointments, which was actually nice because I had the whole shop to myself to try on anything I wanted. They will let you try on as many dresses as you want. You can stay as long as you want. They are willing to work with any budget. The owner, her sister, and the one sales person are all so nice and have great suggestions. They have vintage gowns. I was surprised at the amount of styles they have for you to try on, more than I would have guessed. I found the perfect dress, its all lace, strapless. I felt wonderful wearing it.I also went to Davids Bridal today in Albuquerque. I would give them a B. They were not as friendly. You can only try on five dresses per appointment. It can get rushed if you are still there when the next appointment comes in. The sales person who had me did not talk to me at all about what I was looking for, no suggestions. She just asked what I wanted to look at and that was it. The main plus to DBs is the wide range of dresses. It was also nice that they have shoes and undergarments for you to try the dresses on with.I'm just so happy I was able to find a dress so quickly.

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    Congrats! Im glad you found your dress!!...I got mine at Demetrios, I would give them an A+!!
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    Congrats on finding the dress you love! I found mine at Special Moments I think it was called. But the dress was too big on me and it was soooo dirty and the place was so small and the people were not that friendly.I saw that the tag said Alfred Angelo, so I went to Alfred Angelo and ask for that dress. It was my size and it was beautiful, white and clean! I fell in love!! Its a great feeling!
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    When I was searching for my dress I went to just about every shop in the city. some more than once. Alfred Angelo: A- There's one sales lady, Diana, who is a total biatch. The other ladies are all super friendly and nice, plus they have a great range of dresses. My dress is an AA, but I bought it from another shop because it's cheaper. They let me go try on and show off my dress multiple times, but didn't pressure me too much to buy it. Davids Bridal: D It was busy and even though I made an appointment, my sales lady had two other brides, a set of bridesmaids and was running the regsiter. I wasn't limited to the 5 dress rule, however, I went in with a list printed from the web of what I wanted to try on. No suggestions or interaction with the sales lady, except to bring the new dresses. Brides by Demetrios: C They were very nice, but I felt rushed. They didn't ask price range up front, and the tags aren't super visable, so I ended up trying on beautiful gowns that I could never afford. The sales lady was much more hands on, so plan on her being in the dressing room with you. Budget Bridal: B The great thing about this little shop is you can look through all of the dresses, take as long as you want and try on everything. They have a great selection of vintage dresses but they had problems special ordering some of the dresses. Good place to try if you're in a time crunch. Bridal Elegance by Darlene: A One of the nicest, cleanest shops in Albuquerque. Darlene helped me and was very quick to suggest things based on the style I had in mind. They carry Maggie Sottero and have a ton of beautiful dresses. The price range is a bit on the higher end, but not as high as Demetrios. Ann Matthews: B This shop was fun, the consultant was great and upfront about sticking within my budget but finding styles I liked. My mom liked that they had comfortable couches to sit on while I tried on dresses. They really take care of their samples too, no shoes allowed in the dressing room and they set you over a sheet to help protect the dress. They sell some samples as is here and have a quick turn around. Nancy's Bridal Boutique: A This is where I'm ordering my dress from. She's an Alfred Angelo authorized retailer, but doesn't mark up as much as the AA store; there's a $300 difference for the same gown ordered by her! The biggest pro, her price includes alterations! The biggest con, she doesn't have a lot of the samples to try on which is why I spent so much time at the AA store in uptown.
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    Great reviews ladies! It's good to know. I've been dress shopping only twice (haven't come across my dress just yet). First place I went was Demitrios. My Sales lady was named Liz and she was wonderful. The dresses I tried on were hit and miss, and many out of my budget. You can't take pictures, which made it hard for me to see them after I got home. It makes me sad though since my sales lady was a sweetheart.A few days later, I went to Darlene's (Bridal Elegance) I tried on a few and have a strong candidate for a dress. My friend got her dress from there and I do really like the selection, prices (Tried on a bunch of informal stuff) and the staff.Next we went to Budget Bridal Shop. I found a couple of nice dresses there, and the ladies were sweethearts. Even if I don't get a dress from there, They will for sure do my alterations and modifications (Which I plan on getting).I haven't had a chance to go anywhere else, but now I know where to avoid. :)
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    Got mine at Davids Bridal. A- (like a 92.2%) I had a great sales lady and my appointment was early, so I didnt have to worry about a large rush. If you do there, do NOT work with Bess. She "worked" with my sister when she was getting married and left in the middle of the appointment without telling anyone. She is a real jerk! I know many others who have had bad experiences there, though. I just lucked out. Alfred Angelo always had good reviews. I went there just to check it out and the people were really nice and helpful. I would give them an A!
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