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For Sale: 48 Acolyte LED Submersible Floral Lights

Ladies,Our wedding has come and gone.  It was amazing, but now we have 48 Acolyte LED submersible floral lights left over and would like to offer them to a bride-to-be at a discounted price.  We paid like $125 for 50 of them.  We'd be willing to sell 48 for $48, over half off.  The lights totally transform a floral arangement.  The lights we have are white in color - here's a link to the site we bought them from. let me know if anyone's interested.BTW - Instead of water, we used a gel-like substance in our vases.  Our vases were 2 ft tall, so we used multiple lights in each vase.  With the gel, we were able to place each light exactly where we wanted it in the vase.  It was pretty cool.

Re: For Sale: 48 Acolyte LED Submersible Floral Lights

  • SpiffyJIASpiffyJIA
    edited December 2011
    I am definitely interested, I was just looking at buying some of these!Can you email me with shipping and payment details please?
  • edited December 2011
    I sent you an email....did you get it?  Are you still interested?
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