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If there was a meetup group started through for Albuquerque brides would any of you join? Do you think other brides would join and benefit from the group?  Would you participate in meetups that were held?It would be for brides to share ideas, and network with other brides that are in their area.Any other thoughts?

Re: Survey question

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    It sounds pretty interesting and maybe fun, but when it comes down to actually going, it would be hard, I work and go to school everyday and Saturdays are my only day to spend time with my FI and acutally get things done, that we need to get done. I would go depending on what we are going to be doing and if it was actually helpful towards the wedding. I think we do all that "brides to share ideas, and network with other brides that are in their area." Here on the knot. Thats just me... maybe others feel different.
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    I think this sounds like a good idea and I'd be interested.
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