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Do any of you use MaryKay?  Do you like it?Do you know anybody who sells it?Do you enjoy the facial parties?  I am afraid to try it or go to a party then I will end up on a mailing list then feel obligated. Any thoughts and experiences?

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    A co worker of mine used to sell it, I thew a party at my house for her. You actually get a lot of free stuff for throwing a party and ppl usually order. But it is something fun to do with the girls...I even had some guys at my party and they enjoyed the facial part.  There is really no obligation to order. Just let your guest order. I was never put on an e mail list or anything like that. The makeup is pretty good.  So, if you are looking to do something just for fun, i say go ahead and have a party! :)
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    When I wear makeup, I use Mary Kay. I have VERY sensitive skin and everything breaks me out except Mary Kay. I LOVE it!My mom sells it so if you need to get in contact with someone- let me know. my email is msower at gmail dot com. She's not your typical salesperson either. She will have parties if you want, but she NEVER pressures anyone to buy anything. She doesn't send out any mailings.  Selling Mary Kay isn't her main job, she just does it for fun and because she believes in the company so she doesn't care whether you buy things from her or not.When my mom first started selling it, my friends and I were my mom's guinea pigs for her test run facial. It was fun! We had lots of laughs and just had a great time playing with all the makeup options.  I've never had another facial party so I don't know if I am a little biased because it was my mom and because it was her first time, but I would do it again with someone else if ever offered.
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    I went to a Mary Kay party a couple of weeks before my wedding -- I am really not a big fan of make-up - I went to the party to support a co-worker --- she had a skin care party and not makeup, which was a bit better, i thought my recommendation - stay away - it is ok, but I don't think it is worth the $$ -- I bought some lotion that was $50 and I don't think that it is any better than Suave or Jergens. I do have a name if you'd like I did not end up on a mailing list -- the only thing that I didn't like was the fact that they wanted you to give them 4 or 5 names that they could call to give a "free" facial too -- I didn't give them any names - I don't like doing that.
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