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Las Cruces heat can be unbareable at times and we are having our wedding at a park. Is 5 or 5:30 a good time to start our ceremony?

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  • BeazillaBeazilla member
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    I'd do 5:30 since it should slowly be getting cooler by then and then sun might be less unbearable.
  • elio23elio23 member
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    I saw that your wedding is early August.  I think that might be too soon.  The sun still might be a little too strong.  But it depends on your guests.  If they're used to it then it shouldn't be a problem.  If there will be lots of children or elderly people though, I would say move it.  Mine is September 10th at 6:00 and I think that might still be too early :/
  • SandiaLizSandiaLiz member
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    Definitely go as late as possible! ABQ is about 10 degrees cooler and I am worried about the heat here! I lived in Las Crues for years and it can just bake in the summer. Consider having umbrellas, water bottles and other keep your guests cool amenities!
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