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Where to do makeup?

Hey girls.. I REALLY hope someone can offer suggestions here..

I'm going to be getting married in Ruidoso in January, and normally I would prefer to do my own makeup, but the idea just makes me nervous for my wedding day.

Does anyone know of makeup artists/places to get my makeup done up there?
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Re: Where to do makeup?

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    I would suggest a MaryKay consultant. Look up a local one. They aren't usually certified cosmetologist but they offer samples for free in hopes you will buy them. When I sold, I used to do a skin care and makeup class for free. Afterwards people would buy make-up and skin care products if they wanted. Have your bridesmaids get makeup done too and it's up to you and them what, if anything, you want to buy. The MaryKay skin care classes are great for bridal showers too. I can look up a consultant in Ruidoso if you'd like. Just an idea if you are on a budget.
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