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Nature Pointe

Anyone been married or been to a wedding at Nature Pointe? We're going to check it out next week. 

Any insight is much appreciated! 

Re: Nature Pointe

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    I went to a bridal fair there hosted by bblue plate special.  It's realy pretty, we didn't go with it becuase it's so far and I didn't want the liability (emotional and legal) of someone driving back to Abq after a few drinks there
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    I went a wedding at Nature Pointe and it was beautiful, however I agree it is pretty far. 
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    We're looking at getting some shuttles, but it is a bit of a drive. So far, I've had a great experience. Karen, the event manager, is super sweet and helpful! 
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    I'm getting married there! It is beautiful and we love it. We are avoiding the drinking and driving issue by not having any alcohol. I'm only 21 and my groom is 25, so lots of our friends are underage or have just turned 21 and haven't learned the control it takes to drink respectfully and responsibly at a wedding. 
     Nature Pointe is beautiful. And Karen has been really helpful. I've been in New York for 10 months of our 16 month engagement, and I've sent her many an email with a silly question and Karen has always happily replied.
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