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NM Marriage License

Does anyone have the real facts regarding this whole process? Everywhere and everyone I talk to tells me something different. Is this done at the ceremony or do you go do it after? I am having a friend of the family who happens to be a judge marry us, and I'm going to go meet with her next week, just wanted to know if anyone knew the facts before then. How long does a marriage license last in NM? I've seen 1 month (which is rediculous) to indefinetly.

Any insight would be helpful!

Happy planning :)

Re: NM Marriage License

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    I'm getting married in Bernalillo County (Albuquerque) but I think the rules are the same state-wide.
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    We just got our marriage license last week.  Marriage licenses do not expire, so once you get it, you can execute it at any time.  As far as signing it goes, that depends.  We're getting married at church, so we won't actually sign during the ceremony, we'll sign afterwards, but it can be done during, if you perfer.  Once you have all the signatures, you have to return it so that it can be recorded, then they will send you a ceritified copy which you can use to change your name, if you're doing so.
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