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Freaking out about Davids Bridal

So, ladies, I tried on, and ultimately, bought my wedding dress last June at David's Bridal in Albuquerque. I had a wonderful salesperson help me out and they weren't busy at all, because it was a weekday. I bought my dress the next day (Saturday) and they were slammed. My salesperson told me she was leaving to become a dentist, so I think that's why she was so wonderful and not pushy about sales. forward a year. I'm getting married in October, and I'm not sure about having my dress altered by Davids Bridal. I've heard horror stories that they hire people who barely know how to sew altering the fanciest dress I'll ever wear. I don't really need any major alterations to let the dress in or out, but what I really want is to switch out the standard zipper (which my dress has) with a new panel that would turn it into a lace-up back and a bustle. My salesperson assured me that David's Bridal could do this, but I'm scared.

I don't know if I should go with them and take a chance that my dress could become another horror story or turn out amazing, or take it to a reputable local seamstress and suck it up and keep the zipper instead? I really don't want my dress ruined, but I don't want to settle on a key piece I don't want.

Has anyone had really good or bad experiences with the alterations team at Davids Bridal in Albuquerque.

Re: Freaking out about Davids Bridal

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    I would not let DB make such complicated alterations, a bustle they could probably handle, but the work you want done is very detailed, and I wouldn't risk it.  You might try Final Stich on Louisianna.  I didn't go with DB because I was in a wedding 2 years ago and the bride and I had a bad experience.  Good luck.
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    I  can't really offer any help about our David's Bridal except for trying on dresses (very fun and everyone was very nice!) but I have heard more horror stories than I would expect about them. Your alterations sound complicated and I would find a professional seamstress who is reviewed well. Good luck!
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    my soon to be sister in law got her dress at Davids Bridal but got alterations else going to buy my dress at davids bridal as well and will probably do alterations elses where as well dont want to chance anything
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