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West Monitor Barn vs Alerin vs Lang

I took a whirlwind tour of barns thoughout the state this weekend.  I am stumped between 3:  West Monitor Barn, Alerin Barn, and Lang Barn....any opinions?  Has anyone had their weddings at any of these venues?  Most of my guests will be from out of town so I wanted to make sure the reception was somewhat conveniently located.

Thanks Shannon

Re: West Monitor Barn vs Alerin vs Lang

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    Hi Shannon -

    Sorry I don't have an answer for you, but I do have a question -- do you know if these barns vary in cost or are they all fairly similar?

    Thanks for your help -- I hope you get an answer to your question!
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    The costs in the end are similar.  At face value, the fees are a little different.  Alerin in particular is more expensive but you receive additional services (i.e. linens, china, a hands on event coordinator) in return.  West Monitor is $4500, Alerin $7700, and Lang $5500
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    I looked at all three of those barns for our wedding too. We actually ended up at Skinner Barn in Waitsfield as we were looking for something a bit more rustic.

     I think it depends what you mean by conveniently located. Lang Barn is the closest and most accessible from Burlington, which has the biggest airport in VT, if people are flying in and out. This also means it has lots of options for places to stay with hotel chains and B&Bs. West Monitor Barn is also not too far from Burlington, but it is further, perhaps a 30-40 minute drive. One thing we liked about the Barn is that all proceeds go to a good cause and it really is a beautiful barn, as they all are. 

    Alerin Barn in St. Johnsbury is further, and people would have to stay in St. Johnsbury which is easy to get to off 91 if driving. I did attend a wedding at Alerin Barn and it was gorgeous! We had a fantastic time, the food was great, everything was beautiful, I think we would have considered it, except we wanted to be closer to Burlington. 

    Hope this helps! I am planning my wedding from New York, but lived in VT for 6 years so I know the area a bit. Let me know if you have more questions and good luck!
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    Thanks so much for the feedback!  We ended up going with West Monitor- in part b/c the money goes to a good cause.  Alerin was beautiful but we were a nervous it might be a little bit of a tight fit...and we have a lot of West Coasters coming and it was a bit out of the way.  The Skinner Barn looks beautiful!

    Any photographer suggestions?  We were looking closely at Christian Arthur...some of other choices were already booked for our date.  Thanks!

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