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Hi Everyone,
I am getting maried this August and part of my wedding vision is having an accoustic guitarist playing for the walk down the isle. At this point I am thinking of Canon In D by Pachabel and I am trying to find someone who either already knows this or is very good and can learn it very well by the wedding.
The ceromony and reception is in Waitsfield and my money is somewhat limited since I will be paying for this out of my own pocket (my parents are paying for the wedding but since they are already paying for the dj I thought I would foot the bill for the guitarist).
Anyone have any reccomendations?
Thanks for your help,

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    Not sure where your wedding is, but I'm getting married in the NEK in July and my DJ is a musician/guitarist. His name is Val Davis out of Burke. He will be accoustically playing for my ceremony on guitar.

    If you type his name into google he has a website with contact info. Good luck!

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    Check out Dayve Huckett,
    He has years of experience and definitely knows Canon in D!
    Good Luck!
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