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I'll post the rest of my vendor reviews when we get back from the honeymoon, but I wanted to particulary rave about Debbie at Vermont Country Flowers just outside of Springfield.  She works out of her home, which makes her pricing very affordable, has 20+ years of experience, and was such a breeze to work with.  I had lots of pictures of general things I liked, flowers I liked, some colors I wanted and I basically tried to just explain the "feel" of what I wanted and then let her do her thing.  She was super responsive via e-mail and phone and was able to give me an easy to understand and very specific contract.  I even changed a few things last minute and it didn't cause any issues.On the day of, everything was on time, and everything was spectacular!  The bouquets were stunning and they held up all day and into the next even though it was pretty hot out.  The groomsmen flowers also held up really well.She was hands down the best vendor we worked with and I absolutely recommend her.  Here's her website: I'll post some pictures of my stuff when we get them.
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