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Back Inn Time Saint Albans VT Wedding site

Hey all, I just wanted to fill you in on what went on during my wedding on 9/5/09, at the Back Inn Time bed and Breakfast in St. Albans. If you are planning on looking into the place for any reason...I hope this may change your mind. I found the website when I was searching for nice quaint place to hold our wedding that was within our budget. I came across the Back Inn Time website, and was instantly drawn into the beauty of the place.. The price wasn't too bad either. So I called the inn and wanted to schedule a time to go up and view it. Luckily that day they weren't busy so we all piled in the car and headed to look at this place. It was goregous! Amazing! Old Victorian Mansion beautifully restored, with antiques. The outside garden was well manicured and very well taken care of. I was sold on the place before even speaking to the owner Pauline. We made the deposit right then and there and planned to keep in touch with her about all the details. Now let me fast forward a few months and bring you to our wedding day... Absolutley beautiful weather. I was so glad to have stuck with the decision to have the ceremony outside in the garden and use the onsite reception hall to dance in and set up some tables inside and out. Now...the day before while we were setting tables and chairs up, we were trying to figure out how in the world we were going to sit 130 people at tables inside the reception hall incase of unexpected rain which happens often in VT. We knew we had to have a table for the DJ.. One for the Cake and one for gifts and the card box. After spending way too much time trying to figure this out...we went to the owner Pauline for advice on where to set everything up. She suggested that we set some tables up outside and some inside. She suggested that the DJ be indoors and that the cake table, gift table and card box be placed in a smaller dining area, away and completely out of sight when we were all in the reception hall eating, dancing and having fun. We argued with her about this....and she was very adament about the gift table... We were completely frustrated and tired and just wanted to go get some dinner and sleep to prepare for the wedding the next day.... The next morning (wedding day) my mother and sister and go back to the inn to make sure everything is perfect and once again get into a battle with the owner over the gift table.... my poor mother was so overwhelmed that she just did what the owner suggested. The wedding ceremoney was great...the reception was a blast and me and my hubby couldn't wait to get upstairs at the inn to start our wedding night as husband and wife. So on our way up to our room, we grab the gifts and card box and go to bed. We open the card box and only see 6 cards addressed to us. But thought nothing of it, until the next day when were being asked by family if we received there generous cash gifts and our reply was no.....$3000 later we find out that someone robbed us at our own wedding for all the cards that had only cash in them and left us the 6 cards that were only checks.... Now I know why the owner was so adament about where to set up the gift table!!!

Re: Back Inn Time Saint Albans VT Wedding site

  • karynjoelkarynjoel member
    edited December 2011
    My mother was insistant that someone watch our gift table and card box and also that it not be too close to the door ect.  She said she had heard of people having their cards stolen.  I thought she was just being a worry-wart as usual. Typical mom. You know? While it didn't happen to me, I'm sorry it had to happen to anyone. Sucks that there are people out there who would do that. Thanks for the warning, just in case I hear of anyone thinking of going there.
  • Stiney358Stiney358 member
    edited December 2011
    Have you filed a police report? That's ALOT of money and it should def be looked into.
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