Burlington Boathouse?

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Hi Everybody!  I was just wondering if anybody has either been to, or had their wedding at the burlington boathouse.  Their website isn't particularly informative.  I've submitted a request for info, but i haven't heard back yet.  I might have to give them a call soon...

Anyway, I was wondering if anybody had any good/bad experiences there.  How many people can fit comfortably/enough room for dancing?  weird rules/regulations?  Stuff like that.

any info would be greatly appreciated!

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    Friends of mine had their wedding at the boathouse last October.  It was great, but it was a smaller reception (less than 100 would be my guess) and it was very laid back.  I am pretty sure they had to hire an outside caterer, and the guests were split between the main room (where the bar and the buffet were set up) and the outside porch (they had added a "tent" around it to make it indoors and the DJ/dance floor was out there).  My friends got married on the docs and it was lovely.
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    We are having our rehearsal dinner there and I can honestly say that I'm almost looking more forward to that location than our wedding. Here's the deal:
    $250 per hour includes space, tables/chairs, plates and glassware (need to rent silverware and linens)
    $30 per hour for bartender
    $25 per hour for dishwasher
    $500 deposit
    Preferred vender is Let's Pretend (who are fabulous!)
    Probably seats up to 100, but that includes the indoor space plus an outdoor covered deck
    iPod hook up

    Hope this was helpful!
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    I have seen and eaten at the boathouse and I would say look somewhere else. The place is very small and overpriced (they jack up the price for their location). I would say ECHO is better, same location and you can move inside in case it turns out to be too cold or rainy. Plus they have good prices and is more of an actual venue here is their site...
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