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Barns in Northern Vermont?

Bride and groom from northern Vermont and we're interested in finding a barn to tie the knot in. Checked out a few places (i.e., The Webster Barn - $5k, Boyden Farm -$4-5k, and a few others). We'd love to stay in the Northeast Kingdom, but we're having a hard time narrowing down a site up in northern Vermont that is within budget. The aforementioned prices are a bit steep just for reception sites, and we know that there are better options out there (though both locations were beautiful). 

We came across Maple Manor in W. Glover, but haven't been able to find any other information out there. In addition, we are also very interested in the Inn at Mountainview in E. Burke--but have not yet called for pricing and I fear that it might be a stretch (budget wise). We're looking for a place that will hold at least 150. 

Re: Barns in Northern Vermont?

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    Have you checked out the Alerin Barn?  Its right in St. Johnsbury  A coworker got married there last fall, and loved it and said it was reasonable priced.   He has his wedding outside on the property, and reception in the barn. 

    good luck!
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    Alerin Barn is beautiful.  My best friend got married there two years ago and had a great experience.

    I heard some gossip about Maple Manor that makes me want to steer clear of it.

    And, I saw this: http://blog.storiedlocations.com/a-perfect-vermont-farm-wedding-location-kestrel-farm/

    After I had booked my wedding venue for this August... I almost wish we could back out and do it here instead!  It looks gorgeous, doesn't it?
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    Thank you so much for your suggestion! We actually checked out the Alerin Barn as it has come highly recommended. It is still something we're mulling over and I'm hoping that we can come to a decision soon. The Kestrel Farm definiely piqued our interest and we've put an inquiry into them hoping that we hear back soon. 

    Have you been to the site? Have you heard of others tying the knot there in the past? 

    Also, we soon found that the Maple Manor is not taking any reservations at this point in time given that the place is up for sale--so that is no longer a possibility. 

    Aside from barns, we've also opened up our possibilities to weddings in either a sugarhouse or near a covered bridge. We've heard that the AM Foster Bridge in Cabot is nice, although, I'm really excited to learn more about the Kestrel Farm! 

    Thanks for the lead! Just out of curiosity, where will you be getting married in August? 
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    Hi again,

    We're getting married at the Lakeview Inn in Greensboro.  http://lakeviewinnvt.com
    Their website doesn't do them justice... we're having a really good experience with them and can't wait for the big day.  We ended up not going the barn route in the end (I didn't find the Kestrel Farm until after we had put down a deposit, and Alerin was off limits because of my friend's wedding :-)  Unfortunately I don't know anything more about Kestrel Farm... I'd be interested to hear how that works out!

    Another idea to try if you're getting married in the off-season is summer camps.  Often they'll be very affordable, have large meeting places (of varying attractiveness though), be in a pristine locations, and have lots and lots of on-site housing for out of town guests.  We also looked at this place as a possibility in NH: http://www.campogontz.com/index.html and we were bummed that they didn't have availability.
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    I got married last July at the Alerin Barn and absolutely 100% recommend it! The coordinator Christy is amazing and the location is phenomenal for the price. I'd be glad to chat with you via email and share my thoughts and/or finance breakdown for my wedding. I came in under my $20,000 budget with 74 guests. 

    Good luck!

    Jenn Reynolds
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     I got married at The Barn at Boyden Farm and it was amazing!! We had a 15,000 budget and were right on track. With the venue there you get all the Tables & chairs, the outside pavilion, the kitchen for your caters, tables for them everything but your other vendors basically  the pavillion with the vineyards was the best for the ceremony! I have pics on my site. 
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    A friend of mine runs a rustic wedding website specializing in Rustic/Barn/Farm weddings.

    Check out the site 

    Email the editor in the "ask maggie" section she handpicks wedding venues for brides based on their location and she has a great site with unique ideas for the perfect barn wedding!
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