Sugarbush/ Timbers wedding

Hi everyone-
I am on theverge of booking my wedding at Timbers for next year, but just wanted to check in and see if anyone had any good/bad experiences with them.

Also- we are trying to decide between August 13 or October 8 (columbus day weekend). We are from the Boston area but spend alot of time in Warren.  We were up this past weekend and it was gorgeous with the foliage and it really has me leaning towards the October 8 date, but I know it could also be very cold and even snowing up there on that date. My family is pushing for August, mainly for their own work/school convenience reasons.

So, anyone with any advice or personal experience with Sugarbush wedding planning or any opinions on August vs. October - please let me know!

Thanks so much!

Re: Sugarbush/ Timbers wedding

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    I love Sugarbush!  We were just there last weekend too.. it was so beautiful!  Personally, I would go with early October.  I think the snow chances are pretty slim!  It's a long weekend which should make it easier for them too.  Either way it'll be great!
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    I agree october would be a great time of year to get married.  Depending on if it is indoors or outdoors the cold shouldn't be an issue.  Most places have outdoor heaters or you can rent them.  As for snow that is pretty rare in october.  In the mountains I'm not positve about but if there is snow it shouldnt be much and I wouldnt think it would last.

    August this past year was nice too.  The weather was perfect just missing the foliage.
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