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Hello there.

My FI and I are eloping to Woodstock this fall. It's going to be great just being the two of us, but I'm wondering how will we have any pictures taken. We're doing almost everything that would be done at a normal wedding except it'll be the two of us. I really want great shots to convey the wonderfulness of the day.

I've reached out to a few photographers who have great portfolios - one of which I already feel a great connection with. Their prices aren't outrageous, but as I'm looking more and more at the buget, I'm not sure if we can swing $1000-1500 for 3-4 hours of photography service. It's kind of breaking my heart because I thought I could make it work, especially if I could charge the fee to my low interest credit card and pay over time, but a lot of photographers only accept cash/check.

Has anyone been in a similar position OR have pearls of wisdom? I probably will reach out to the photographers and be honest, but we'll see. I figured I'd start here for advice.


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    I say just be honest with them.  Most people are more then willing to work with budgets.  I also so keep looking you never really know what you are going to find.  

    maybe its just me but I think 1000 to 1500 is a lot for 3-4 hours of photo, since its just the two of you.  But then again that is why I am getting married in Las Vegas more bang for my buck out there.  

    When I was planning on staying in VT I used this website for a lot of info

    Also I am a huge fan of craigslist.  Look under events there are always photogs advertising. 
    I know that photography is usally a really important issue for a lot of brides.  So I guess you just need to figure out how important it is to you.  Would you rather spend the  extra $$ on the photographer you love?  
    Maybe another option is to save some money now, go with someone a little more afordable and then later on down the road.  Pull the dress back out hire a photographer and do some rock the dress shots?

    Hope everything works out!!
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    Hey - when I was looking to stay a little cheaper, I was going to use Shane Bufano up near burlington.  He mostly does sports photography, so his wedding photo prices are very reasonable.  Also, I have no idea how much she costs, but Chris with Sublime Eye in Windsor, VT does great photos and she is "local" to Woodstock so her prices might be pretty good.  She is very down to earth.
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    Thanks, ladies. I'm going to do some thinking and talk to FH about it. He was like, "can't we just bring our Canon Powershots?". My reply, "".

    One of the photographers that I've been in touch with has been very sweet and told me that I should think about what's affordable for us and then we can regroup and make something work. That alone has made me feel less anxious about the whole thing.

    I'll keep you posted!
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    I actually came across a recommendation for Chris at Sublime Eye as well- and I'm reaching out to her after seeing her name pop up twice. Her website boasts some gorgeous photos- and I was very happy to see that her style is a lot like that of the NY photographer whose style I adore, but it's so far to get him to VT! (and costly!!!)- I'm awaiting her response with some pricing info now :)
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