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Blackwater Falls questions

Hello Everyone. I'm Jenn.  My fiance and I have finally decided to plan our wedding, and have decided on an outdoor wedding. I would love to do it at Blackwater Falls, and was wondering if anyone could give some insight into price.. what all you need to set up there, etc.

Re: Blackwater Falls questions

  • That's where we plan on having our wedding eventually. If you contact the park, they will email you a paper with information.

    Here is some of the info from the email. The conference center holds up to 150 people and without room rentals, it will cost $475, plus catering costs. If you have 25 room rentals, they do not charge you for the hall. Their restaurant must cater the food. The only exception is the cake. There is a catering fee of $275 plus tax that is added to the final invoice. They can cater plate dinners or buffet from $18-$25 per person. They can also set up a beer & wine bar for a set-up fee of $25, plus $12.50/hour bartender fee.

    These prices might have changed though. I requested this information earlier last year.  Happy planning!  
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