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November 26th, Fairmont area (near morgantown) Help need ideas

We are getting married the 26th of November, yep this year.. and live actually in Kingmont, wv.  It's near fairmont, morgantown & clarksburg.  We are having an extremly small intimate celebration and as low budget as we can get.  I'm looking for ideas for a venue, flowers & hair.  I already have my dress & my soon to be step daughter's dress.  Any ideas welcome. :)

Betty & Craig
November 26th, 2011

Re: November 26th, Fairmont area (near morgantown) Help need ideas

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    So do you have a venue?
    And when it come to what flowers its all about what you like..
    Take a look at all the flowers ideas thats on here.
    Best of Luck...
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    Hey! Thats my birthday! :) Do you want to use real flowers or silk??
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    Im actually getting married in Morgantown but looked for venues in Fairmont...
    Check out Gatherings church, they have the church and reception area in the
     same building, only down fall is no alcohol.
    You should also check out High gate, I had a friend that got married there and it was beautiful.
    I know Christophers is another option but I have heard very negative things about how they do buisness.
    The knights of columbus is a cheaper option and they usually have openings for short notice and if decorated right, it can be super cute!
    Depending on how small of a party you are having julios in Clarksburg has a back room you can reserve and they have amazing food!
    Or Murials also has a back room and runs pretty cheap

    This is a good website that lists a lot of venues in WV and Im also a fan of
    This is a website for WV brides.

    If this helps or you want any other information lmk!
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    If you don't mind using silk flowers, you can get them at Jo-Ann's, Michael's, Crafts2000, or any other craft store. I used silk for my first wedding, and plan on using them for my second, also. No one can tell (except the people carrying them), and they look beautiful! Plus, you are able to keep them forever. Keep it simple - I did not use flowers for decorations, just for the bouquets, corsages, and boutonniers.
    Hope this helps! Good luck, and have a beautiful day!
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    We ordered our flowers from Sam's Club and are making the bouquets ourselves.  175 roses for $150, which is extremeley cheap.  We did this for my sisters wedding and it worked out wonderfully. It was also a lot of fun to get the girls together for brunch the day before & make the bouquets.
    Our wedding is going to be at Dorsey's Knob park in Morgantown the end of this month.  It was an extremeley affordable option for us since we wanted to get married outside.  I'm not familiar with too many indoor spaces, so I can't help you out with that one.
    Also, I don't know if you need linens, but I was able to purchase mine from linentablecloth.com and tableclothsfactory.com for cheaper then I could rent them in Morgantown.  Hope that helps!
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    How about the Arthurdale Heritage Center? It is a really cool old building and they have reasonable rental rates. I am from Preston County and was considering having our class reunion there, but there is no alcohol allowed.
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    im from pleasant valley and i am trying to book hestons farm but if u want something smaller did u try pricketsfort they have a nice area for cheap or out at valley falls with all the picnic area there is also a community center right down the road. and as for flowers go to google and type in fall wedding ideas then just go to images there r sooo many things u can do with wheat and queens anns lace and all u have to do is drive out in the country and pick it ive already started picking stuff right out of my yard for my wedding next spring. i know how it is to be on a budget and google is a life savor, u can also google wedding blogs 2011 and it gives u all kinds of blogs with cheap ideas... 
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    Doyou have a photographer? My dad doeswedding photography.He is based out of Charlestonbut  he does travel all over for weddings!!! He is  extremely affordable! Check out his website:
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