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Photographer & DJ Suggestions- Charleston

I am planning a wedding in Charleston for June 2011.  Since, June is such a busy month for weddings I would like to book my photographer & DJ.


I am looking into AAA Entertainment out of Cross Lanes.  They offer photography, videography and DJ services.  I thought it may be nice to have one Vendor to do it all.  Does anyone know anything about this vendor?


Photography, I am interested in ALN Photography out of Huntington.  Has anyone worked with ALN Photography or heard anything about this photographer.  Does anyone have any other photographer suggestions?


 If I go with ALN photography, I would skip on the videography and hire a DJ.  If this is the case does anyone have any DJ suggestions?


Thank for any help or suggestions!

Re: Photographer & DJ Suggestions- Charleston

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    My mother's Faience knows the owner of AAA... we used them for my grandmothers wedding and I know a couple of the DJs there... its a great company and they do excellent work. if you have anymore questions about...I can answer... or call up one of the DJs if you would like... but my email is [email protected]

    Good Luck,

    Future Mrs. Jade Higginbotham!
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    i am using mike winland.  he is in charleston, and i think he does great work.  his website is www.mwstudios.net you can check out his work there.
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    ALN Photography is great, they shot a friend of mines wedding. We just love her!
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    Backstage Audio LLC DJ and Photography Services
    4 hour Wedding Reception Package $500.00
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    i'm also planning a june wedding. we went with boekell photography. if you are a facebook user, you can look him up there. i don't know what your date is, but ours is the 18th. if you are any other weekend, i highly recommend him!! he's worked with a few of my employees and their work is awesome.
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    We are getting married in December and booked Jeff Gentner. http://www.gentnerphoto.com/
    We've been so happy with him. He did a great job on our engagement photos and is very reasonable.
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    She's not in Charleston, but I love Andrea Snedaker Photography. She travels. :)
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    Please Please Please don't use AAA Entertainment.  That is who I used for my September wedding.  I booked them for the deejay, photography and videography.  I just got my professional pictures last week and they are horrible!  I'm so disappointed.  The photographs they have on their website are actually pretty good, but you shouldn't expect anything like that when you get your pictures--at least mine were nothing like that. I actually had better pictures taken by my mom and bridal party and other guests of the wedding.  I actually gave them a list, per their request, of my "must take" shots for the photography and the photographer didn't get ANYTHING I requested--I don't know that this was the photographer's fault--IMO I believe the owner of AAA didn't pass along the list to the photographer. The deejay was alright, but honestly, I think there are better out there.  I mean he seemed like a nice guy, but he didn't follow the timeline I had given him of how I wanted things done at the wedding and actually completely screwed up the way the reception was supposed to go.  I haven't got my video yet because they say it takes about four months after the wedding, but I don't have high hopes for it. 
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    i'm a photographer just getting my professional career started. I'm offering great deals to help with my chances to build my portfolio. I'm not going to leave a super long post if even sort of interested email me at [email protected] Packages start at $250( i told you it was a great deal) limited time only though.
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