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Bella Hair in Morgantown?

Hello brides! Does anyone have any experience with Bella Hair in Morgantown? I'm considering using them for my wedding hair but wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts!! Thanks

Re: Bella Hair in Morgantown?

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    I've not heard of them, but if you are uncomfortable going somewhere without anyone's reccommendation, I'm planning to use Virtuosity Salon in Morgantown.  I've been going there recently for my normal hair care, and they have been really cooperative with the wedding hair process as well.  We are planning ahead--I've shown them pics of what I want and since my wedding isn't until August they are already working with me to make sure my hair is the right length and in the right condition to do what I want by then.
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    tony's  is good place too... its near the subway thats near the stadium.
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